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We know you want the right information about the condition of a property before you decide to buy, sell, list or renovate it. That’s why it’s important to get a complete inspection from a certified professional who understands all the components of your home.

With a Top Notch inspection, you get peace of mind, knowing you have the information you need to make sound decisions about your investment.

Top Notch Home Inspections, Electrical, Boise, Idaho

Whether you have a historic home or new construction, a condo or townhome, our certified inspector knows what it takes to give you a complete inspection. We work with buyers, sellers, listing agents, even property managers who want a detailed, unbiased report about a property’s condition.

Experience, knowledge and technology make a difference in home inspections

Top Notch inspections cover your entire structure from top to bottom. Advanced technology – like thermal imaging cameras and drones – helps us assess the condition of all major home systems – structural, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, even built-in appliances.

Our certified inspector brings a technology-driven approach, honest attitude and plenty of experience to every home inspection. That means you get inspection services that go beyond the surface to help you make informed decisions about your property.

Top Notch Property Inspections is certified by InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Our services comply with state requirements and national home inspection standards.


Certified inspector who understands all the components of your property


Services comply with all state requirements and national home inspection standards


Web-based inspection reports and electronic payments allow for easy processing and delivery

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Property inspection is more than just a checklist

We use advanced diagnostic technology to go beyond a visual examination of your structure.

Here’s what’s included in your complete package of Top Notch inspection services.

Damage Detection – Find hidden signs of damage caused by termites and other wood-destroying insects.

Thermal imaging detection – Know where signs of mold, moisture or temperature changes are present.

Drone survey ­– Protect the integrity of your roof with an aerial view of your structure.

Gas leak detection – Identify unnoticed slow leaks inside or around the home.

Top Notch Property Inspection Services, Mike Nelson, Montana, Water Testing

Extra services to test the health of your property

For even greater peace of mind, you can add on services that can make a big difference in helping you make decisions about your investment. We can provide a cost for each service before we get started on your inspection.

Radon testing – monitors the level of a highly toxic gas that forms naturally in the ground.

Mold detectionchecks for mold in your structure and in the air

Water testing – identifies contaminants and pollutants that may cause safety and health problems.

Lead paint tests – makes sure surfaces are free of lead coatings.

Top Notch Home Inspections, Boise, Idaho, Advanced Reporting

Complete, detailed inspection reports

High quality images
See what’s important at a glance

Fast delivery
Get your report within 24 hours of inspection

Thorough review
Learn what’s inside from your certified, trained inspector

Web-based delivery
Access emails and payment information from any device

Online storage
Save your complete report on our secure cloud-based storage site

PDF format
Download and store your report for quick reference

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Be part of the inspection

You are welcome to join all or part of your Top Notch inspection. It’s the best way to learn about your property and get your questions answered by an expert.

As you walk through the home with us, we explain issues that can make a difference in your decisions about your investment. Remember – no home is in perfect condition. That’s why it’s important to know what issues need immediate attention or can wait for maintenance.

You get a detailed report within 24 hours of our inspection. The document includes a complete record of our findings, including high quality images, videos and descriptions. It’s a great reference tool that you can download, print and store for later use.

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Top Notch Home Inspections reviews

The best thing I did before purchasing my home was to hire Top Notch. Mike let me know exactly what I was buying.

M. Workman


Top Notch Home Inspections reviews

I have never seen a more thorough home inspection. I was not there during the inspection but the report made me feel like I was. Easy to read, tons of photos, it showed me what I couldn’t see. I really appreciated Mike’s expertise and professionalism.

B. McLeod


Top Notch Home Inspections reviews

Top Notch really lives up to their reputation. Because of their high-tech tools they discovered deficiencies that no one else had. It saved me money when closing on my house.

T. Helgarth


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Get your property inspected by a certified professional who understands all the components of your home.

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