Mold inspections

Mold can cause serious health and safety concerns when it is left untreated. That’s why it’s important to get a mold inspection of your property.

We offer mold inspections by a certified inspector as an extra service at Top Notch Inspections. You can add on the service as part of a complete home inspection or as a stand-alone service at any time.

Top Notch Home Inspections, Mold Damage Testing, Boise, Idaho

Protect your property and your health with a mold inspection

When you’re ready to buy, sell or list a property, find out if your home inspector offers mold testing. It’s a valuable service that can save you money for costly repairs – and more important, protect your health. At Top Notch, our certified inspector has the training and tools to properly test for mold. That means we know how to look in the right places for evidence of suspected mold, including HVAC systems, roofs, exteriors and plumbing systems.

Why inspect for mold

Mold can spread quickly and lead to costly damage to the structure of a home. It also can compromise the health of those living in the property. That’s why we consider mold testing a life-changing service for home buyers, sellers, listing agents, even property managers.

What to expect during a mold inspection

Our certified mold inspector checks for signs of mold in plumbing, heating and cooling systems and ventilation. Testing starts with a visual inspection of your property, including attics, crawlspaces, dark corners and air flow systems. If we find signs of mold or water damage, we collect samples for further testing in a lab.

  • Surface sampling collects suspected mold that is visible
  • Air sampling determines contamination levels inside the home 

Equipment and tools we use for mold inspections include:

  • Moisture meter to detect moisture in structural components
  • Humidity gauge to measure humidity levels inside a room or structure
  • Thermal imaging camera to look for problems inside structural components, damp or wet areas and spaces where visual inspection is not possible

Our inspection report includes photos, test results and descriptions that can help you make informed decisions about your property.

How to prevent mold inside your home

Here are ways to keep your property free of mold.

  • Check for leaks inside and outside
  • Repair leaks quickly
  • Keep spaces clear of moisture or water buildup
  • Make sure appliances are properly vented
  • Replace old or damaged window frames
  • Remove wood from the side of the house
  • Keep basements and crawl spaces dry
  • Locate source of damp or musty smell


Top Notch Home Inspections, Mold Damage Testing, Boise, Idaho

Inspection services for the whole house

Whether you have a historic home or new construction, a condo or townhome, our certified inspector knows what it takes to give you a complete property inspection. We work with buyers, sellers, listing agents, even property managers who want a detailed, unbiased report about a property’s condition.

Our inspections cover your entire structure from top to bottom. Advanced technology, like thermal imaging cameras and drones, helps us assess the condition of all major home systems – structural, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, even built-in appliances.


Our certified inspector has background in home construction and remodeling and understands every component of your property


Services comply with all state requirements and national home inspection standards


Web-based inspection reports and electronic payments allow for easy processing and delivery

Top Notch Property Inspections is certified by InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Our services comply with state requirements and national home inspection standards.

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Extra services to test the health of your home

For even greater peace of mind, you can add on services that can make a big difference in helping you make decisions about your investment. You can choose extra services – like testing for radon, mold, water quality or lead paint – as a stand-alone service or as part of a general home inspection.

Property inspections the Top Notch way

We provide property inspections throughout Treasure Valley — including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Caldwell, and Middleton. Our service area extends into five counties in Idaho and Oregon.

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